7 minute makeover

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If there is one thing I love, it’s being effective with my time. I can’t stand wasting it, it is just so precious! I am always multi tasking if it means that I am able to be more organised with time management.

As a makeup artist I love makeup that looks great but doesn’t take ages to apply. Hand on heart, I rarely take more than 10 minutes to do my makeup. Today I thought I would share with you a really easy makeup routine for a lovely fresh day time look.

I always start off by moisturising and then priming. I want a glowing look today so I have gone for Laura Mercier radiance primer.

For foundation I am using something with a matt finish that has good coverage. I have recently had a spray tan so I am using a darker shade then I normally would have which is 40. Then to cover my blemishes I’m using my favourite Maybelline Fit Me Concealer which is conveniently really great value for money too!

I am using a matt bronzer to contour just underneath my cheek bones and on my hair line. This brilliant highlighter from Mac leaves you with such a gorgeous glow. Place this down the bridge of your nose, your forehead and chin.

This paint pot is the perfect thing to pop on your eyelids when you don’t want a heavy look but at the same time want to make your lash line to stand out. A light colour on your lids will make the dark contrast of your lashes stand out. I also put some soft and gentle highlighter over the top just to make the contrast slightly more noticeable.

Just flicking the corners with black liquid liner gives you quite nice day time drama without being over the top. Make sure you start the line from where your pupil is in the centre of your lid to give your eye the best chance at looking bigger.

Depending on your complexion a fresh blusher on the apples of your cheeks finishes off your face. I have gone for a lovely peach colour because of my warm undertone. Finally to finish off (at this stage you can add mascara but because I have semi permanent lashes I don’t) you can contour your eye socket ever so slightly with a warm colour on a fluffy brush.

I also decided to go over my eyeliner with a slightly wetter liner to give it more of a definite line. I then finished everything off with a nude pink lip gloss! And the whole thing literally took me 7 minutes!…I even timed it! Comment below for some look requests that are quick an easy without using too much makeup or too much of your precious time! View our Beauty Treatments,


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