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Did someone say sparkling white smile? Achieving a bright white smile for date night has never been easier, and safer, with the help of our resident Dentist, Dr Krystyna.

The Very BEST in Teeth Whitening at Blush + Blow

With Valentines Day fast approaching, and like any special occasion, we all want to look and more importantly feel, our very best. Having whiter teeth can help improve your confidence but its super important that you do this safely, as many over the counter or online bleaching kits can be dangerous and offer only a short term solution. They put you at risk of mouth infections, tooth ache, gum recession – or shrinkage – and even tooth nerve damage.

Teeth are built up mainly from a tissue called dentine, which is naturally yellow in colour. The whiteness comes from the hard enamel coating, which covers the whole of the tooth. Over time this enamel can wear and thin, which means teeth appear more yellow as the dentine shows through.

To significantly whiten your teeth, Dr Krystyna recommends bespoke teeth whitening trays. During your first appointment she will answer any of your questions and take a mould of your mouth to enable the trays to fit comfortably in your mouth. A consultation is FREE and the entire treatment costs £300, a small price to pay for picture perfect teeth. Dr Krystyna is also able to offer natural tweakments and subtle lip fillers to enhance the shape and size of your lips, helping you to achieve an all over perfect pout! For more information about Dr Krystyna, please see below.

About Dr Krystyna

Dr. Krystyna Wilczynski is a qualified cosmetic dental surgeon and facial aesthetician. Krystyna is extremely focused on delivering high quality enhancements in facial rejuvenation and to deliver truly undetectable, natural looking results. Dr. Krystyna’s unique and modern approach highlights the way the aesthetic industry has evolved. She is incredibly passionate and enjoys creating bespoke ‘tweakment’ aesthetic packages using her expert knowledge and motivation to ensure beautiful results specifically tailored to each individual are achieved.

Teeth Whitening at B+B £300 To fast track to a whiter smile click here


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