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We’re so thrilled to announce our brand NEW Blush + Glow dedicated skin clinic is OPEN!! Heading
up the skin clinic is our very own skincare specialist or GURU as we like to refer to her
Here to help you achieve picture perfect, no filter needed skin we all like swoon over!
No need to swoon over Instagram images of perfect skin, we can help you reach your skin goals with
our specialised packages.
To celebrate this new launch, and to help you get to know her better we shot Raimonda some quick fire

What is your favourite treatment on the Blush + Glow menu?

It’s quite difficult to choose one treatment as they have all been chosen for a reason as they’re all
amazing for different reasons, but I would say all with the machines, such as radio frequency,
sonophoresis and iontophoresis because they give you really incredible and instant results!

What skincare concern do you hear about most?

Definitely ageing skin and ways to prevent it / how to improve aged skin.

One piece of skincare advice do you wish EVERYONE knew about?

Protection. Prevention is better than cure!! You can buy new clothes, but you can’t buy new skin when
it’s damaged.

One tip would you give to someone who is just starting out in skincare and doesn’t know where to start?

Start simple. 4 steps I recommend for everyone: cleanse, hydrate, protect and repair.

What are your top 3 skincare products you couldn’t live without?

The same 4 steps, so can’t live without 4 products: cleanser, hydrating cream, spf, and vitamin A night

How often should we all be having facials?

For people who have on-going concerns that they want to resolve quickly, then I would once a week
would be ideal, otherwise once a month to maintain healthy skin.

What do you love most about your job?

When I see the results and smiles on my patients face- there’s no better feeling!

Why do you like working at Blush + Blow?

The beautiful environment, the lovely team and of course the Bridget because she supports,
motivates and believes in you.

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