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With the warmer weather slowly but surely approaching, and our wardrobes packed full of pretty summer dresses, camisoles and bikinis, Summer often means showing a little more skin. We want you to look and feel your very best no matter how much skin is on show, and for some that often means eliminating any unwanted body hair.

If, like us, you enjoy having silky smooth skin, then you’re going to love the treatments we offer here at Blush + Blow for quick and easy hair removal….


PL (Intense Pulsed Light) are fast, powerful flashes of light, which penetrates the skin, killing the cells, which grow hair. Amazingly, after a course of treatments, IPL will leave you hair free for 6 to 12 months (depending on your hair and skin type). The treatment is available on most body parts such as; bikini, legs, armpits and face, so you really will be fuzz free…EVERYWHERE!


If long-term hair removal isn’t for you, we also offer the more traditional yet effective; waxing and threading treatments. Both treatments are quick and effective options for removing unwanted hair. We can wax pretty much everywhere and anywhere, ensuring all the unwelcome body hair is efficiently removed. Our threading treatment is more ideal for the face due to the precision that can be achieved- an amazing treatment for brow hair removal!

For more information and to book your fuzz free summer in advance please call 0207 736 0430

Covid-19 Announcement
Due to the current circumstances and government guidelines, Blush and Blow London are closed until further notice. Stay safe everyone.
Microblading at Blush + Blowhair ups and braids and blow dries with blush blow

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