Blush + Grow- Everything You Need To Know About Hair Extensions

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Thinking of enhancing your overall look with hair extensions for either volume or length? We offer totally tailor made hair extensions to suit YOU and your hair needs, and to make your decision easier than ever we’ve listed the application methods available at our SW6 salon…

Keratin Bonds

Keratin bond hair extensions are one of the most popular hair extension methods. The process involves strands of hair which are then fused to your natural hair using keratin-based glue and an application tool. This method typically lasts 3-4 months, it simply depends on how fast your locks grow and how carefully you look after your extensions.


This method has become increasingly popular due to the fast application time. Laying flat on your head, tapes are a wider and thicker section of hair, which ultimately “sandwich” in between your natural hair. These hair extensions do need to be re-fitted every 2 months, so a great choice for those who are looking for a shorter-term solution to lengthy locks.


Micro-ring hair extensions are fitted using micro-ring, however without any glue or heat. Instead, your natural hair is threaded through the ring and secured using special pliers. They are regarded as one of the safest types of hair extensions.


The weave application is best suited for those with thicker hair and is a very long process. It involves braiding your natural hair into very tight and small corn-rows, with the extension being attached with a needle and thread. Although the process is uncomfortable, the results are seamless and despite the bad rap this method has had over the years we can assure you, you will receive only the very best service where the health of your hair comes first.

We were lucky enough to be featured and reviewed by OK! Magazine, we would love it if you checked it out here!

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