“My true passion lies within patient care and treating people in a holistic and ethical manner. It is important to me to address all lifestyle factors when analysing clients to ensure appropriate interventional treatment is prescribed and delivered.

I am a bit advocate in looking after ones skin in early stages of life, and I am constantly motivated to ensure I am up to date with the current developing skincare regimes. Enhancing and contouring the face requires accurate planning in order to achieve the desired, yet natural looking results. Using a minimally invasive approach and my artistry I delicately treat patients over time to gradually build results.

My aim is to provide comfortable treatment in a relaxed environment and give you the most naturally and beautiful aesthetics.” – Dr Krystyna

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DR. Krystyna - Price List

Consultation with Dr K


Vitamin B12 Booster Shot



‘BEAM’ in house whitening booster


Dr.K Whitening



£5 – £10

Whitening Strips


Supplement Whitening Gels


Postage – Additional


3 x Whitening Gels


​Whether you have naturally darker teeth or they have darkened with age, we can provide the whiter smile you’ve always wanted. Teeth whitening is a procedure done to remove stains and discolouration of teeth, while improving their colour through a bleaching process to make them look whiter. Teeth whitening is a procedure that should always be carried out under the supervision of a dentist or hygienist / therapist, to ensure the patient’s safety.


Lip enhancement (0.5ml)


Lip Enhancement (0.7ml)


Lip enhancement (1ml)


Nose to mouth lines/marionette lines




Tear troughs


Chin reshaping


Cheek enhancement



£350/per area

Dermal fillers are made from a substance which is naturally found in the body known as Hyaluronic acid. They effectively treat deep lines and wrinkles by binding to water in the skin, and can plump, hydrate and increase volume in certain areas of the face. This helps rejuvenate your skin and enhances your beauty. Natural ageing can results in Collagen, elastin and bone depletion which in turn changes facial contours. Dermalfillers can replace this lost volume and stimulate collagen production. The quality of the skin is rejuvenated and a natural shape can be restored.


Forehead 1 area


Forehead 2 area

£260 – £300

Forehead 3 area

£290 – £350

Lower face Botox for grinding/facial slimming


Gummy smile reduction


Neck/lower face

£250 – £300

Supplementary Area/Botox Booster


The use of “Botox®” or other anti wrinkle products to successfully treat wrinkles and facial creases is simple and effective. Botulinum toxin is a purified protein, and when carefully administered to an area of muscle this can be very effective in relaxing the muscle to give the desired effect. It is a commonly requested procedure in both men and women as it provides a safe, quick and reliable solution for fine lines and wrinkles. With virtually no downtime, it is the go to treatment to enhance a youthful and natural appearance.


Glycolic Glow Peel


Chemical, or glycolic peels are a light non-invasive treatment which removes the upper layers of dead and damaged skin. This in turn encourages skin cell regeneration and provides gentle treatment for fine lines, acne, chronic dry skin, dull skin, pores and blackheads and uneven pigmentation.

Injectable vitamin facial Package (1 Course)

– 1 x syringe of Redensity 1 skin booster

– 45 min treatment

– Hydrogel mask


Injectable vitamin facial Package (3 Courses)

– 1 x syringe of Redensity 1 skin booster

– 45 min treatment

– Hydrogel mask

– Supply of collagen supplements



Glowtox (Includes 3 area Botox and a glycolic glow peel )


Skinbooster package


Beam + Gleam Package (Includes take home luxury whitening kit
and a 45 minute in house bleaching session)


Glow glycolic peel deal for 2 x people


Transformation package – 3 or more treatments get 15% off (valid over 3 months)

* Buy 4 sessions get 5th session free

**Buy 5 sessions get 6th session free

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Consultation with Dr KTeeth whiteningWhitening stripsWhitening top up GELMesotherapyChemical peelFillers chin augmentation/restructuringFillers cheek augmentation/contouringFillers nose to mouth lines + marionette linesFillers lips augmentation 0.5mlFillers lips augmentation 1mlFillers mouth lines + marionette linesBotox for forehead 1 areaBotox for forehead 2 areasBotox for forehead 3 areas + free Glow peelBotox underarms (hyperhydrosis/excessive sweating)Botox for gummy smileBotox for neckBotox for grinding

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