Dr. Krystyna Wilczynski is a qualified cosmetic dental surgeon and facial aesthetician. She is a member of The British Dental Associate, The Royal College of Surgeons Faculty of Dental Surgery and the International Team for Implantology

Dr. Krystyna’s unique and modern approach highlights the way the aesthetic industry has evolved. Krystyna is incredibly passionate and enjoys creating bespoke ‘tweakment’ aesthetic packages using her expert knowledge and motivation to ensure beautiful results specifically tailored to each individual are achieved.


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DR. Krystyna - Price List

Consultation with Dr K



Teeth whitening home kit (includes free toothbrush)


Whitening Strips/box


Whitening gel/syringe


Beam in clinic whitening top up

£280 (45 mins)


Lip enhancement (0.5ml)

£250 – £270

Lip enhancement (1ml)


Nose to mouth lines/marionette lines




Tear troughs


Chin reshaping


Cheek enhancement



Forehead 1 area


Forehead 2 area

£260 – £300

Forehead 3 area

£290 – £350

Lower face Botox for grinding/facial slimming


Gummy smile reduction


Neck/lower face

£250 – £300

Supplementary area in-between appointments



Chemical Peels



£140 – £ 200






Skinbooster package


Beam + Gleam Package


Glow glycolic peel deal for 2 x people


Transformation package – 3 or more treatments get 15% off (valid over 3 months)

* Buy 4 sessions get 5th session free

**Buy 5 sessions get 6th session free

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You can also contact Dr. Krystyna Wilczynski on +44 207 7360430 or email on [email protected]

Consultation with Dr KTeeth whiteningWhitening stripsWhitening top up GELMesotherapyChemical peelFillers chin augmentation/restructuringFillers cheek augmentation/contouringFillers nose to mouth lines + marionette linesFillers lips augmentation 0.5mlFillers lips augmentation 1mlFillers mouth lines + marionette linesBotox for forehead 1 areaBotox for forehead 2 areasBotox for forehead 3 areas + free Glow peelBotox underarms (hyperhydrosis/excessive sweating)Botox for gummy smileBotox for neckBotox for grinding


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