Frequently Asked

How much do you charge for makeup?

This depends on what/where/when but my bridal makeup prices start from £250 on the day. Send an email to to get a bespoke quote.

Do you post make up tutorials anywhere I can check out?

Yup, I have a facebook page where you can see all my makeup videos!

Do you give makeup lessons?

Yes! There are lots of different options here from lessons at home to group bookings at Blush + Blow. Just send my team an email and someone will be able to get you sorted out with a group booking or a one-to-one lesson.

Talk to me about spray tans?

I am a massive fan of a spray tan. I have been doing them for my clients for 6 years now and pride myself on being able to give you a flawless finish. I use Sienna-X, the best brand our there for a streak free, brown (rather than orange), natural glow. It comes in various depths of colour as well as an express version.

What is Blush + Blow?

Blush + Blow is a blow dry and beauty bar. I am the founder and am there a few times a week. The incredible team that fill the place with energy and fun vibes are on hand Monday – Saturday to take care of all your beauty, hair and skincare needs! You can learn more about it here.

What kind of timings do you suggest for wedding hair and makeup?

I usually like to allow 60 minutes for the brides makeup, and 45 minutes for each bridesmaid.

Will you travel for work?

Yes absolutely, I am always travelling around the country and the world for different makeup jobs, especially destination weddings.

Where are you based?

I live and work in London but grew up in South Africa where I visit a few times a year

Are your opening hours different for hair and beauty?

WE generally open earlier for hair but if you urgently need beauty treatments done at the crack of dawn, we will always try to accommodate

Are you open on Sundays?

No, but we do offer a “Blush + Blow on the go service”

Are you open on Bank Holidays?


Do you cut and colour hair?

We cut hair, yes but no c colour at this point

What does a Brazilian blow-dry entail?

We recommend this treatment for frizzy or untameable hair. The whole process takes
between 2-3.5 hours depending on how long your hair is. You wont be able to wash your
hair for three days after we do your treatment and you will only be able to use sulphate free
shampoo and conditioner.

What shampoo/hair products do you use?

We use a mixture of Kevin Murphy and Maria Nilla

Do you do hair extensions?

We do not offer hair extensions

I have a package of 5 blow-dries. Can I allocate 1 blow-dry to a friend?


What is Olaplex?

Olaplex is a treatment for your hair that helps to repair chemical damage. We recommend it
for highlighted or tinted hair that has been lightened.

Can I request a stylist when booking online?

Yes, you can of course

How much do you charge for a braid?

The cost of a braid on its own after a blow dry is £10

What does ‘unlimited blow-dries’ mean?

It means that you can visit us as many times as you like for a one month period from the
date you purchase your blow package. It is limitless but limited to one person.

How long does a blow-dry take?

Depending on your hair length, between 30-50 minutes

Do you wash my hair?

Yes, unless you would prefer us not to

I have a fancy dress/costume party and need my hair to be styled to the theme accordingly. Are you able to help?

Yes, bring a picture along of your hairspo and we will help

I have booked a blow-dry for myself and a friend. Will we be done at the same time or one after the other?

This depends on our availability but we will always try to do you at the same time

Do you do home visits?

We do! Blush + Blow on the go is available to all clients

Do you do a mini/express manicure?

We offer a hand or feet shape and paint service for £10 which just includes shaping the nails
with a file and the placement of colour

What is the difference between a gel shape and paint and a gel manicure?

With a manicure we work on your cuticles and skin on your hands and lower arm

Can you do my manicure and pedicure at the same time?

Our stations aren’t design for this to be comfortable but if you are in a rush we are always
happy to try and accommodate your request

What is the difference between a luxury mani and pedi and a normal mani and pedi?

With a Luxury Mani and Pedi we use hand and foot mask, exfoliator, steaming towels and an
extended massage!

Do you do acrylics?


Do you do hard gel?


What gel polish do you use?

CND Shellac and Gellish

I am a repeat customer. Do you charge for gel removal?

No, only if you have had your gel nails done elsewhere

Can I remove gel at home myself?

Yes, you will need acetone to soak the gel off but we offer this service for free to all
customers who come in for gel manis

I am booked in for a pedicure. Do you provide flip flops for afterwards?

We have disposable flip flops but not ones that you can walk home in

What is the difference between a Murad and Environ facial?

Both brands are cosmeceuticals but with the Environ we use a machine that allows us to
penetrate the very bottom layers of your skin. Murad facials give you great instant results
and Environ facials give you great results over time

Can I decide which facial I have after consulting with a therapist on the day?


How soon after my facial can I wear makeup? I

If you are wearing Jane Iredale Mineral makeup, then straight away. We are happy to apply this for you too

What is the difference between ‘Bridget’s makeup’ and ‘makeup’?

Bridget’s has over ten years of experience doing makeup and spends an hour doing her
clients appointments, teaching you as she goes along. Normal makeup is done by one of our
resident makeup artists who are all fully qualified. These appointments take 30 minutes.

What makeup do you use?

Mostly Jane Iredale but also a mixture of whatever we love

Can I bring in my own glue on eyelashes to a makeup appointment? Do you provide glue on lashes?

Yes, we hae cluster lashes that we can put on for you or if you would prefer to provide lashes then we would be happy to put these on for you too

What does half body spray tan mean? Front or back? Or top or bottom?

A half body spray tan is either from the hips up or down!

What spray tan brand do you use?

We use Sienna-X.

What development time options are there?

It takes between 2 and 8 hours to develop depending on which one you choose and will not
make you go orange

How soon after I have had a spray tan can I shower?

Once the spray tan has developed you can shower either straight afterwards or leave it on
for some time, once the development time is finished, it cannot develop any further (unless
you are using the express tan)

I am booked in for a spray tan next week. What should I do to prepare for it?

Exfoliate and moisturise about 4 hours before your appointment. Don’t use any deodorant
or perfume on the day.

What is LVL?

LVL is a eyelash treatment that lengthen, lifts and volumises them.

How soon after LVL can I get my face wet/go to the gym?

Wait 24 hours

I have had LVL/lashes at another salon. Do I still need a patch test?

No, but we will get you to sign a disclaimer

What is a patch test? What treatments do you need patch tests for?

A patch test is done to make sure you are not allergic to any of the products we use during
LVL, tinting, and lash extensions

How much time do I need to allow between a patch test and an appointment?

24 hours

What is the difference between individual and Russian lashes?

Individual lashes are one lash extension per lash whereas Russian lashes are 4-6 lashes per
one lash which means that you achieve a fuller look

How long should lash extensions last?

Depending on how well you look after them between 2 and 3 week for individuals and 4-6
for Russians before you need infills

What is the aftercare procedure for lash extensions?

We will give you a comb to brush through your lashes every morning. Don’t use any oil
based products on your eyes and make sure you sleep on your back so as not to squash your
lashes into the pillow

What wax do you use?

We use a mixture of hot and strip wax, depending on what area we are waxing

I want to book in for X Y AND Z. Do you do packages?

We offer the fifth treatment of any bulk booking of 5 of the same treatments. If you are
booking in for a wedding, hen party or Birthday we give you a complimentary glass of

What is your cancellation policy?

We ask for 24 hours notice at the least in order for us to fill your slot

I booked online but need to cancel. Can I do this online or do I need to call up?

It is preferable that you do this on the phone but we are always trying to monitor emails,
however we can’t guarantee that we will get to your email within 24 hours.

I want to book in for X appointment, but there is no availability online? Does this mean there is nothing available at that time?

Potentially, but give us a call and we will see if we can move some things around and
accommodate you

Do you have a waiting list?

Yes, especially for Saturday blow dries!

I have made a booking via Treatwell but want to add an appointment to my booking. Can I do this separately or do I need to do it via Treatwell?

No, you can do this with is directly but calling up or sending and email

Do you have any vacancies for a salon assistant?

Yes, we always want to hear from keen young talent so send us your CV!

Do you have any work experience positions?

Depending on the time of the year, we will potentially be able to help you out!

I would like to book in for a consultation for fillers/botox. How do I do this?

We have a wonderful resident aesthetician who will be able to take care of all of your
aesthetic needs, just give us a call and we will arrange an appointment for you

Can I bring my dog?

We LOVE dogs and Pickles always loves making new friends

Can I bring my kids? Would there be someone on hand to look after my child whilst I am in an appointment?

There are toys in the Bambino area and we will always try to have a staff member available
to look after little ones but on busier days we cannot unfortunately guarantee this.

Do you have wifi?


Do you serve alcohol?

We are happy for you to BYOB but we do not have an alcohol licence

Do you have a hen party package?

Yes, get in touch and we will be able to help you with organising your Hen’s send off

How much is it to rent out the whole salon for a hen party?

We charge £250/ hour for the to floor of Blush + Blow to be rented exclusively

I want to bring in Prosecco to my appointment. Do you have glasses/a fridge?


Do you do kids parties?

We love hosting children’s parties and can help you with any extras too

Do you do weddings?

Yes, we travel all over the world for our Bridal Parties so get in touch

What are your wedding prices?

We charge per hour that your stylist is away from the salon and their rates vary depending
on who it is and whether it is hair or makeup

Do you charge for wedding travel time?


Do you charge for wedding travel cost?


Do you do vouchers?

Yes, we are always happy to send e-vouchers to you or your friends via email or we are also
happy to post them to you

Can you post or email a voucher to me?


Do vouchers have an expiry date?


I’m pregnant? What treatments can I have and what should be avoided?

We don’t recommend spray tans in the first trimester or any lash appointments for the
entirety of your pregnancy.


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