Nutrition advice with Jessica Shand

Jess is a certified Naturopathic Nutrition practitioner and specialise in optimising women’s health via my personalised and sustainable approach to balanced nutrition and holistic living for harmonious hormones with lifelong health benefits.

Jess doesn’t believe in diets, calorie counting or restrictive eating, she does believe in nourishment and balance when it comes to how to fuel your body which means focusing on the joy of eating a nutrient-dense diet rich in colourful whole-foods and delicious plants to enhance gut health and deeply nourish the internal body system to help it function at its best.

Jess’s Tailored Nutrition Plans and 6-week Coaching Programmes are designed to amplify your health from the inside-out, help you tune in and get to know yourself like never before and help you regain the true meaning of balance so that you feel your healthiest, most energised and glowiest self on all levels for now and for your future.


Jessica Shand- Price List


  • 1 hour coaching call
  • Kickstarter notes and tips on how to enhance your nutrition and lifestyle
    [If you upgrade to the Bespoke Nutrition Plan you will receive a Blush + Blow voucher for a facial worth £100]



In a nut-shell: I have designed this coaching programme option for those who thrive from one-to-one support and guidance to motivate and encourage accountability for transformational results.

In addition to your personalised e-book nutrition plan written by me and tailored to your specific nutrition and health goals this programme also includes x2 hours of one-to-one coaching to help implement the nutrition plan into your lifestyle, plus access to your very own client portal app where you can keep track of progress, access symptoms and where I can share tailored tips and advice to help you through any challenges you might have.

I will be available to support, guide and motivate you through the changes and enhancements you’re making to your diet and lifestyle and will be your personal nutrition coach during the 12- week plan for anything you need.

What’s included? 

  • Food diary & health and lifestyle analysis
  • 1 hour consultation call to delve more deeply into current health and nutrition, discuss specific goals & outline of nutrition strategy plan
  • 12-week dietary guidance key points to implement into your life
  • B+B Facial worth £100

Tailored Nutrition & lifestyle Plan e-book includes

  • Overview of strategy and plan, guidance to create a positive mindset and reframe from old eating habits that are no longer serving you
  • Personalised nutrition advice targeted to your unique health goals
  • Foods and nutrients to include in your meals to feed your gut and maintain stable blood sugar balance
  • Easy ways to boost meals with nutrients and gut-feeding food swaps
  • Nourishing recipe inspiration
  • Holistic lifestyle & wellness advice to incorporate into your daily life for stress management, exercise and to aid restorative sleep to further support the dietary enhancements
  • Targeted supplement plan
  • 60-90 min coaching call to assess progress and offer advice moving forward to help you get the most from your plan to help you thrive into the future
  • Access to client portal app and journals – this is where I will share tips, advice, recommendations and access your journals to keep you on-track
  • My support via email and app for the duration of the 12-weeks


Are you ready to enhance your health and feel your best?

My carefully curated nutrition plans and 12-week coaching programmes include a deep analysis of your current health and lifestyle, personalised nutritional advice, detailed diet tweaks and targeted food, lifestyle and supplement recommendations to get to the root cause of your symptoms and to nourish your internal system for enhanced health and balanced hormones.

Your new dietary and lifestyle enhancements will help balance blood sugar levels by addressing inflammatory foods in your diet and will provide you with lots of nutrient-dense replacements, meal inspiration and a breakdown on how to build your plate with the key components at each mealtime to make eating well your new normal. Your plan will also include in-depth information on key nutrients needed to optimise your health and how to support your hormonal health via food plus holistic lifestyle tips to help you reduce stress, promote restorative sleep and enhance the gut-brain connection in order to get the most out of your nutrition plan.

How it works:

  • Step 1:  Analysis of your current eating habits, lifestyle and health history
  • Step 2:  After receiving your completed food diary and health, lifestyle questionnaire we will arrange a call to discuss your key concerns and heals goals
  • Step 3:  Your nutrition plan will be tailored to you as a unique individual, this is not a ‘one size fits all’ plan as everyone is totally different, your plan will be curated for you and your specific health goals.
  • Step 4:  Jess will be there to support you and guide you through the plan and encourage accountability and commitment to making the changes you need to help you reach your goal.”

Book an appointment with Jessica Shand

Email : jannegarn@blushandblowlondon.com


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