Microblading Brow Design with Samantha Trace Cosmetics

As a Browologist, Samantha represents the highest calibre of brow artists. Her 17 years experience in the beauty industry has seen her travel all over the world. From setting up and managing famous Day Spa’s to becoming a Skin Specialist with the most in depth knowledge of skin, science and dermatology.

She has worked with clinics and thousands of clients all over the UK and was the presenter on QVC for Doctor led Cosmeceuticals. Specialising purely in eyebrow design, working with clients that suffer with hair loss conditions such as alopecia and cancer has led her to become the Browologist she is today. Featured in glossy’s such as Hello! Magazine and Cosmo who called her the ‘Go to Brow Artist of 2018’, you know you’re in good hands!


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Microblading Brow Design

Microblading offers a revolutionary way to create new brows that uses the most advanced techniques to apply pigment into the skin using tiny micro needles that can create the look of a real hair strand. The needle can flow in the same direction as the hair growth, forming a wonderful natural looking eyebrow. This technique of “Hairstroke” is the finest form of eyebrow tattooing.

The microbladed brows are designed around your natural face shape, bone structure and most importantly the way you want them. The correct pigment is chosen to replicate your natural brow hair colour and compliment your underlying skin tone.

Microblading Brow Design – £400.00

Includes two treatments;

  • 1st procedure will involve a full consultation, design drawing and then creation of your new brows.
  • 2nd procedure is a touch up treatment 4-6 weeks later.

Two treatments are part of the full package as this is semi-permanent cosmetics which means the pigment is not penetrating as deep as a regular tattoo. The first treatment will see some fading of the hairs during the healing process, this is completely normal whilst the body is getting used to holding the pigment. So the second touch up procedure is to replace any faded hairs to ensure the brows are perfect again.

Following your second treatment brows should require a colour boost top up each year to keep the best look (£250). The procedure itself includes topical numbing anesthetic to ensure it’s as comfortable as possible.



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    New Set MicrobladingTouch Up (second appointment)Colour boost


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