+ Description

Relax in our comfortable mani/pedi station chairs while we create your chic nails.

Gel Manicure £45

Luxury Gel Manicure £53

Gel Shape & Paint Hands £30

Manicure £35

Luxury Manicure £48

Shape & Paint Hands £20

French Gel Manicure £53

French Manicure £43

French Shape & Paint Hands £30

Full Set Nail Extensions £88

Hard Gel Overlay with CND £63

Gel Pedicure £58

Gel Shape & Paint Feet £35

Pedicure £48

Shape & Paint Feet £25

Male Manicure £25

Male Pedicure £43

Gel Rubber Base £10

IBX Treatment £15

The details

Price: £20 – 88
Down time: NA
Patch test required: NA

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